‘Tis the season of love

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is considered the most romantic day of the year and is synonymous with love, hearts, and flowers all around the world. But, how did this day come into being?

Many theories trace the origin of this day. But the most popular theory is related to Saint Valentine, a catholic priest from 3rd century Rome. During that time, Emperor Claudius II created strict laws that prevented Roman soldiers from marrying. Saint Valentine recognized this injustice and married the soldiers in secret to show his belief in the importance of love.

When he was discovered and put in jail for his crimes, he started caring for the jailor’s blind daughter. Legends say that Saint Valentine cured the girl’s visual impairment and in his final act before execution, he wrote a love message to the girl signing it “from your Valentine”. He was executed on 14th February and 200 years later this day was marked to celebrate love.

While a decade ago, individuals marked this day by giving presents to their other half, many people nowadays opt to commemorate love for their mother, father, best friend, and others. Irrespective of the person, why not add a little sparkle to their happiness this year with jewelry?

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Wishing all our customers a Happy Valentine’s Day.