Adorn yourself in the finest jewelry this Teej

Adorn yourself in the finest jewelry this Teej

For the past two years, our Teej celebrations have been restricted owing to the nationwide lockdown because of the pandemic. But this year, like you, we are also very excited to celebrate this festival with more love and laughter surrounding us. 

As we all know, this all-women festival celebrates the marriage bond and undying love between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Vibrant colors and beautiful rituals fill up the streets with married women all around the country fasting for the good health of their husbands.

But what is the best part of the festival after family time and good food? Yup, you guessed it right! The clothes. And yes, while you would have decided on the clothes to wear, we at Apala can help with the jewelry. 

We have a range of jewelry that cater to all types of outfits. Our soft-blue turquoise and ruby earrings are small elegant pieces that amp up the style of any traditional ensemble. We also have statement pieces like cocktail rings, chokers, and necklace sets that have been handcrafted to bring a touch of glamour. 

Looking for something more suited to the occasion? Our Festive collection can help! It consists of a range of necklace sets, bracelets, and red coral rings that are designed to add style and panache to your outfits. 

Call us to book an appointment to view our pieces. 

Wishing you all a very happy and joyous Teej.