The House Of Apala


The genesis of Apala is an anecdote that adheres you to its ardent arrangement of alluring Jewels. Ardent jewels it is.

The founder Mr. Rishi Agarwal after effectuating his graduation in commerce, on being continually forced by his uncle landed in Liberia. Picturesquely insignificant, Liberia in West Africa was a state where diamond diggers worked in dangerous and dirty conditions with a hope of uncovering a large diamond that will provide wealth for life.

Such is the story of him. Who although mislaid and misplaced in his initial times brought together and initiated a struggling beautiful chapter. - Apala

    After years at the pinnacle of the luxury jewelries, Apala continues to push the boundaries of ever-greater innovation and excellence.   

Apala - The house of exquisite jewels. - As framed by its proprietor’s is a magnificent amalgamation of hard work, creativity, and perseverance.

Over the years, what started out, as a private passion has grown into an inconspicuous studio for extensive designer jewelry and accessories tailor-made to the tastes of discerning clientele, The science of maintaining the highest level of ethical standards is crucial to Apala so the only thing the customer has to worry about is which pieces are their favourite and not where they've come from.


Imprisoning the right assemblage of beauty and brilliance every piece at Apala is unique as it is created only once. A living history told through the rarest and extraordinary assemblage. High-class sets to simple yet sophisticated statement pieces.

At Apala we take your old outdated jewels and create a distinctive piece that complements today. Each creation begins with a sketch done by hand in meticulous detail.



Apala provides it clienteles with a lifetime warranty on their purchases, which not every jeweler can offer. Apala Jewellery Collection features latest designs technique and styles which are woven into magnificent masterpieces by our trustworthy craftsmanship.


Apala Studio

Apala is a boutique studio, the first in Nepal that sees itself in a niche market that it has created. Apala is here to build relations with the customers because we understand how it is not just an individual's decision but mostly a very emotional decision of relationships, because of the occasion related to each purchase. At Apala it is all about reveling in the whole experience, which could sometimes be a series of appointments to come to a content piece of accessory. It is ultimately art that one wears.

Intricate designing is entrusted for each piece of jewel which is designed for you and you only, imitation is a crime. Brides we adorn, grooms we understand, the graduate’s hard work we realise, anniversaries we cherish, emotions we understand, the perfect piece of jewelry we shall deliver.


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