Adding the Apala touch every day

As life reverts to normal post-pandemic, businesses are opening their doors again and inviting folks to start working from the office. It also means that we need to start whipping out the outfits that had taken up space in the back of our closet for the past year. And no outfit is complete without a touch of jewelry – or should we say Apala?

Jewelry is not only about the grand multi-layered pieces worn during big events like weddings and anniversaries. They are also an essential part of the everyday ensemble, adding a dash of personality and elegance to amp up even the most casual outfits.

Our #EverydayApala collection comprises smooth and classic designs that add a sophisticated accent and make every day an event. The pieces aim to be the foundation of your jewelry assemblage that pairs perfectly with everything from your daily jeans to the power suit and date-night outfit. They are the jewelry you wear without thinking twice whether they match your outfit because they certainly do.

The pearl earrings in our #EverdayApala collection are an embodiment of intricate craftsmanship with the highest standards of gems and stones. Yellow gold and varied diamond cuts are paired with rose gold, white and black-cultured pearls, which have been elevated using a bezel to deliver on our promise of the finest designer jewelry. Furthermore, to stand true to our belief of imitation is a crime, the pieces have been created only once.

We also understand the desire to add a personal touch to the jewelry because ultimately it is an art that one wears. Therefore, we take your vision of the ideal dream jewelry and make it real with our exclusive custom design process catered to your tastes and needs.

Looking to view our #EverydayApala collection? Call us to book an appointment so we can prepare an entire room for your viewing pleasure.