Accessorize your little black dress

Accessorize your little black dress

After the pandemic, we are looking for any excuse to step out and socialize. This also means that we are being invited to a plethora of events. But does it make sense to buy a new outfit for each of them? It does not. And that’s when the little black dress comes to the rescue.

A little black dress is a staple in every woman’s closet. It can be dressed down or up and works like a charm for day and night events. But it can feel tiring and boring to wear the same dress over and over. So, what is the solution? Statement-making jewelry!

Jewelry is the easiest way to amp up the little black dress. And recognizing this, we at Apala have introduced a range of timeless necklaces that bring a touch of glamour to the classic little black dress.

We understand that the neckline of the dress is the biggest determining factor when accessorising with jewelry. Therefore, our collection comprises chokers, pendants, rani haars, and more.

Additionally, they are embellished with different types of diamonds and gemstones. Do you want ruby or emerald? We got it! How about adding sparkles? Diamond necklaces will fulfill your wish.

If you would like a design outside of our collection, we can make that happen too. Call us to book an appointment at our boutique studio to view our handcrafted designs.