A tribute to all the loving and caring mothers

A tribute to all the loving and caring mothers

How do you describe a mother? Caring. Loving. Sacrificing. Radiant. No matter the definition, she deserves to be treated special and thanked for being there. And not only on one single day, but every day.

So here is a tribute to all the mothers out there who are doing their best every day and becoming the best versions of themselves.

To every mother who stays awake all night to take care of their children.

To every mother who puts their children’s needs over hers.

To every mother who prioritizes their family’s safety.

To every mother whose care and love ran deeper than the ocean.

To every mother who works extra hours to provide for their family.

To every mother who balanced her professional and personal life.

To every mother supporting their child’s dreams and goals.

To every mother who raises children that aren’t their own.

To every mother who left behind memories for us to cherish.

You are our home. And without you we are nothing.

Let’s celebrate the strength of all the mothers, today and every day.

Apala Jewels would like to wish all the mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day.