Mrs. Shreeyukta Thapaliya Pandey & Mr. Rishi Agarwal

Apāla, The House of Exquisite Jewels is a stop over for the accessory enthusiast. When you’re looking for something more than just shimmering diamonds, Apāla’s the place to be. All things included with versatility, bold statement-making for special occasions, or maybe something contemporary but with a hint of sentimentality reminiscent of a classic era.

Apāla is a boutique studio, the first in Nepal that sees itself in a niche market that it has created. Apāla is here to build relations with the customers because we understand how it is not just an individual’s decision but mostly a very emotional decision of relationships, because of the occasion related to each purchase. At Apāla it is all about reveling in the whole experience, which could sometimes be a series of appointments to come to a content piece of accessory. It is ultimately art that one wears.

Intricate designing is entrusted for each piece of jewel which is designed for you and you only, imitation is a crime. Brides we adorn, grooms we understand, the graduate’s hard work we realise, anniversaries we cherish, emotions we understand, the perfect piece of jewelry we shall deliver. Whatever be the occasion, whenever the time, Apāla here awaits to shape your moment into perfectness. Our entire team shall dedicate itself to deliver you what you have envisioned; we are after all here for you. Your relation with us will not last to a mere act of purchase and sell. We are here for an eternity, and so is your stone.