The House of Exquisite Jewels

Apala brings to you the finest designer jewelry collections. Every piece is designed in-house using intricate craftsmanship and the highest standard of gems and stones.

Brides we adorn, grooms we understand, a graduate’s hard work we realize, anniversaries we cherish, emotions we understand, the perfect piece of jewelry we deliver.


Using the perfect combination of luxury and elegance, Apala prides itself on creating unique jewelry. We stand by the belief that imitation is a crime. Thus, every piece is created only once tailored exclusively to your taste and preference.

Each creation begins by taking the vision of customers and putting it onto a paper through a hand-drawn sketch. It is, then, brought to life using intricate unparalleled craftsmanship.


We understand that jewelry carries an emotional value and, thus, trust is the heart of our products and services. We provide ever-lasting pieces of jewelry by conducting rigorous quality checks on the diamonds and gems before handing it off to the customer.

Apala Journey

Few companies have fueled the public’s imagination like Apala. A luxury brand with the most exclusive jewelry collections in Nepal, Apala was founded in 2013 as Nepal’s first boutique studio by Mr. Rishi Agrawal. With an extensive personal experience of the diamond industry in Liberia and India, Apala’s founder sought to introduce innovative designs and concierge service, focusing on integrity and royalty.

The craftsmanship demonstrated with Apala’s unique designs are peerless in Nepal, bringing together the science of crafting and the soul of artistry. An Apala piece is a guaranteed work of art. And each piece is one-of-a-kind.





Apala Studio

Apala is a boutique studio, the first in Nepal that sees itself in a niche market that it has created. Apala is here to build relations with the customers because we understand how it is not just an individual's decision but mostly a very emotional decision of relationships, because of the occasion related to each purchase. At Apala it is all about reveling in the whole experience, which could sometimes be a series of appointments to come to a content piece of accessory. It is ultimately art that one wears.

Intricate designing is entrusted for each piece of jewel which is designed for you and you only, imitation is a crime. Brides we adorn, grooms we understand, the graduate’s hard work we realise, anniversaries we cherish, emotions we understand, the perfect piece of jewelry we shall deliver.

Director's Message

Design is the heart of Apala and our customers are the soul. Our goal is to continue being the pioneer in the luxury jewelry industry with the highest standard of products and services, that changes the outlook of jewelry in Nepal forever.

Rishi Agarwal
Apala - The House Of Exquisite Jewels


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